from start to finish we are observing
and capturing your day the way it unfolds.
Historically, Refine, & in a Serene way

We create images that
are authentic to you:

we are completely invested in making your big day a success


Alicia Rinka Photography is a team of professionals who capture refined wedding moments. Owner and lead creative of the company, Alicia Rinka embraces the unique qualities of each couple she works with. She aims to emphasize and uplift these characteristics through artistically curated images.

Alicia graduated from Indiana University with a degree in communications. Her love of photography is complemented by a keen eye for details with an adoration for the world of fashion. 

Alicia’s team uses both film and digital formats while maintaining a candid approach to their work. Their portfolio boasts a sense of fine art style with a modern editorial aesthetic.

It's important to Alicia Rinka and her team to be welcoming to all walks of life. Each individual has their own uniqueness that interprets through images.

Alicia is dedicated to documenting memories that are authentic. ARTEAM was created to continue this commitment in capturing joyous and pure moments. The team serves clients that resonate with the refine approach to photography.

With many years of experience, the ARTEAM love capturing any joyous occasion in your journey. Let them be a part of such a historical event in your life.
Get to know more about the ARTEAM.

GET to know the ARTEAM:

Linda has been with the ARTEAM serving couples, and families. She has 10+ experience in wedding photography. She understands the emotion and thrills of a wedding day, not skipping a beat in capturing those moments you often don't see.

Linda is a lead photographer working with clients who adore the A.R approach to photography.


Esther has been traveling with the A.R team and photographing such timeless weddings with a refine approach. With also 10+ years she understands the value of capturing every moment you share with your love ones. When you work with Esther, she makes sure you're taken care of .

Esther is also a lead photographer working with clients who adore the A.R approach to photography.



" I'm dedicated to creating imagery that  speaks to every individual I encounter. I want every client to see their images and see their beautiful story through my lens. A story like no other."

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Alicia Rinka and her team knows that every wedding, family, and milestone is different. They approach each person ready to be inspired by their story. 

Alicia's process from start to finish is with her clients in mind. Every client that journey's through, will experience their life through a different perspective. A beautiful story captured with a divine sense of authenticity. 

Historical Experience