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I’ve been there, feeling lost and looking for guidance. When I started my journey in film photography it felt so rewarding. But I felt like there were some steps I needed to take. Not to worry! I’m here to help!

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When I started photography, I thought I needed all the bells and whistles like everyone else. But let me tell you, you can achieve anything by not following the masses! 

It's hard to continually stay inspired and offer a client experience. I will guide you through finding your own process from editing, to rocking your sessions and feeling confident with using film.

To better understand your needs, send us an email! 

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Understanding Skintones

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This  guide will help you understand various skintones and there undertones. It's a valuable step in understanding your clients and provide a better experience!

Why it's important to understand skintones?

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Let’s feel confident! Editing for darker skin tones can be hard, you want your clients to feel valued. Getting skintones just right is the best way to make your clients come back to you again and again! Excited to release courses for you to be confident and give the best client experience!

Confidence in Color

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